Working on a mockup of a vehicle wrap graphic for Kauai Island Brewery


Just finished the sixth poster for the City of Gresham. This will also become a graphic wrap for an electrical box in downtown Gresham.


The mural continues. Using a projector, Abby and Titus helped me transfer the image onto the canvas. 

Travis wanted to make some changes to the artwork. As you can see here, I gave Allora some skratches and cuts. I also added a large ship in the background. The sword is no longer glowing. Now its flaming. Her eyes are more blue green. The title is now bronze instead of yellow.

I sent the cover artwork to Travis Hal for approval today. Ive been bed ridden (flu) over the last 4 days but was able to squeeze out a few hours here and there to finish this. There is always one thing that causes me difficulty in a project. For this one, I thought it would be the tree texture. I was wrong. It was the spaceships. I struggled to get them right. In the end I think they came out ok.