Na Pali Painting

Finally getting started on the Na Pali painting. Reed and I built the frame tonight: 24 feet long. It just fits in the basement, not much room to spare.

Sonora Book Cover

I took reference pictures of Emily last weekend for the Sonora book cover and started working on the final this week. Here's how the face is shaping up. 

Color sketch

Allora is mostly in shadow and contrasts nicely with the bright forest canopy in the backdrop. She is framed by the tree trunk and leaves.

Sonora Series Book Cover #3 - sketch

Im working with Travis Hall on the latest Sonora series book cover. Here's an early sketch that shows Allora (the main character) standing in a tree and holding a katana sword. In the background is the top of a jungle canopy with a rising futuristic city. Spaceships fill the air.